Flu Immunisation Team to administer Flu Immunisation Spray to permitted children - 10/10/2019

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A polite Reminder to Parents/Carers from the School Age Immunisation Team...

We shall be visiting school on Monday 14th October to deliver the Nasal Flu spray programme to Reception to Year 6 children.

Thank you to those who have returned a completed consent form already, If you have not done so and would like your child protected against Flu please complete the consent form and return to school as soon as possible. If you have mislaid the form please contact the team on 0300 124 0366 to complete a verbal consent form over the phone.

Also, children with asthma who are poorly, had increased inhaler use, have been wheezy 72hrs before or taken oral steroids within 14 days call 0300 124 0366.