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Talbot House

The Talbot Family and Alton Towers

Earls of Shrewsbury occupied the castle from 1412 when the Lady Ankarat de Verdun married Sir John Talbot – the title remained in the same family until the 1920's.

Charles Talbot (15th Earl of Shrewsbury) nephew John Talbot (16th Earl of Shrewsbury) took over the state and set about creating the Alton Towers we know today from Alton Abbey. John moved the seat of the Earls of Shrewsbury to Alton Towers and was well known as a generous man who supported both schools and churches.

Talbot Cars

Talbot was originally the British marque used to sell imported French Clement Bayard cars. Founded in 1903, this business venture was financed by Charles Chetwynd Talbot – 20th Earl of Shrewsbury and Aldolphe Clement-Bayard.

Earl of Shrewsbury Coat of Arms

Alton Towers

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