Staffordshire Local Authority Instrument of Government

Governors' Pecuniary Interest

Governors' Code of Conduct

Governors' Attendance at Meetings 2018 -19

Governors' Attendance at Meetings 2019 - 20

Type of Governor Name Term Ends Committees
Co-opted Charles Soutar (Chair) 30/06/2023 Finance & Curriculum
Christine Adams (Vice Chair) 30/06/2023 Curriculum
Kim Branson 30/06/2023 Curriculum
Louise Phillipson-Masters 08/05/2021 Finance
Richard Turner 30/06/2023 Finance
John Roberts 11/09/2020 Curriculum
John Smith 23/04/2021 Curriculum
Headteacher Tracey Wynn Duration of Post Finance & Curriculum
Parent Anita Sumner Smith 18/12/2021 Curriculum
Christopher Shirley 28/01/2024 Curriculum
Laura Billingsley 31/08/2023 Finance
Dave Johnson 31/08/2024 To be confirmed
LA Vacancy
Staff Tracey Smith 14/03/2022 Finance & Curriculum