Curriculum Overview


Doxey Primary School is a place where all children love learning.  Children experience great teaching through an enriching curriculum that is relevant, varied and engaging.

Our curriculum had to be carefully crafted to meet the needs of our children. We wanted our curriculum to:

Show pupils all the possibilities available to them

Give learning a REAL purpose​

Increase children’s vocabulary and oracy skills

Be underpinned by our school values 

Develop independent thinking 


At Doxey Primary School, our curriculum motivates, engages and inspires the pupils through a series of learning journeys that we have titled ‘mini-missions’. All of the curriculum areas are then delivered through these missions. The beginning of each mission is designed to hook all pupils in and acts as the start to the learning. 

The learning journey that the pupils go on, covers all subjects and are captured in one book.  The missions allow for clear coverage of the National Curriculum. 

The environment engages and inspires pupils but is also language rich to support the pupils’s oracy and writing development throughout the mini mission. 

A focus for our missions is to allow pupils to experience all the possibilities learning and life has to offer. This is achieved by providing contextualised, purposeful learning that develops character traits, learning behaviours and focuses on pupils’ development of the knowledge and skills needed in becoming writers, mathematicians, historians and geographers etc. 


Click the links below to see an overview of the mini missions and subjects taught through them:

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Mini Mission Overview

Reception Curriculum Overview

Nursery Curriculum Overview

Sparkles Preschool Curriculum Overview


Please click on the following images to see the learning overview for each year group for each half term:

Cycle A 2023/24

Cycle B - 2022/2023 Cycle B - 2022/2023 Cycle B - 2022/2023

If you would like to know more about our curriculum offer please contact school.