It is vital that your child is in attendance at school every day. If your child is ill, please let the school office know by 9:30am on the first day of absence.

For security reasons, we will contact you if your child is not in school and we have not had a reason for the absence. It is therefore essential that we have a current number of which to contact you.

If your child is going home with someone else, please write a note to their class teacher - it saves confusion. If you collect your child, please inform the school if you know you are going to be delayed.

If there are any changes in home circumstances which might affect your child at school, please let us know so that we can keep a careful eye on them. We will, of course, treat any such information with sensitivity.

If your child has any medical conditions which may affect them in school, e.g. asthma, allergies please let us know.

There are a variety of ways to get information to us, either telephone the school office on 01785 450120 or email or alternatively send information with your child.